She wanted me to satisfy her friend

Sitting at my computer, my wife arrives home with a smile on her face. It’s one of those innocent i want something smiles so i say to her ” Spit it out… Tell me what you want” I said laughingly..Out of nowhere she says,” I want you to fuck my co-worker and not only that, ” I want to watch you fuck her. So i say to her as i pull my swallowed tongue out of my throat.

Does she know about this and are your sure its what YOU want? She nods yes.Her and her co-worker are best of friends. Samantha the name i will use to refer to her has been alone and just can’t seem to find a lover. Though i never mentioned it to my wife i in the back of my mind always wanted to fuck the living shit out of Samantha.. Now i would be given the chance.We call Samantha over to our house. As she arrived. she notices me and my wife are wearing little of nothing.

I have on some boxers as does my wife with nothing else on. My wife looks at her and says straight up,” I brought you over here for one reason “, Samantha says with a smirk on her face,” What reason might that be for?”… My wife says, ” You know i love you Sam, so much i want to share my husband with you.. I want you to feel like me when I’m getting fucked out of my mind… Sam smiles not knowing how to respond to either of us.Together me and my wife slowly undress her as a team.. She starts at the top and i start with her pants. As my wife is taking her top off and then her bra she takes one of Sam’s breasts in her mouth and begins to gently suck on her nipples.

This really caught me by surprise and aroused my very rapidly firming manhood. As she lifted one leg at a time for me i quickly removed her shorts then her panties. I wanted one thing and that was to leave this young friend of my wife’s body exhausted with orgasmic pleasures..Without hesitation as my wife sucked her nipples and watched me, I dove into her mound. Cleanly shaven and sweet to the taste i dove inside her cunt with my tongue. My wife kinda supported her as her legs began to shake and hips began to thrust. Looking up my wife, she had her tongue buried deep in her mouth and was massaging her beautiful breasts with her free hands.

It seemed only a few second as Sam was pulling my face into her that she screamed and cried out with explosions of passion. It was almost like she pissed in my mouth. I’m not sure i have ever felt that much moist fluid run from an orgasm in any lover of mine. I looked at my wife and said, ” Go sit down honey, Take your egg and put it in your asshole and get your favorite vibrator and sit on one of the kitchen chairs.Standing up i took a handful of Samantha’s hair and forced her to her knees. She knew what i wanted and very quickly took the head of my cock in her mouth.

It was obvious to me she wasn’t very experienced at giving head but that she wanted to learn how to do it better. I said, ” Sam relax.. I placed both hands on her head as saliva ran from her mouth and tongue and proceeded to fuck her mouth. At that point i felt her suction increase. I felt a tightness swell around my aching cock as i pushed a little harder and deeper into her mouth. God i was so close to cumming but i pulled out and took a few very deep breaths.Samantha asked me what was that delightfully salty flavor and i told her it was just some precum and that she almost made me explode in her mouth. Sam gave me a smile as she licked her lips.

It was now the time. The kitchen table was already cleaned off. All that remained on it was some straps and sex lube. I told my wife to come and help me. As Sam leaned over the table i had my wife tie her arms on the far end so that Samantha was bent over in the doggie style position.At about the time my wife tied her town and sat back in her chair enjoying the show having multiple explosions between her legs, I rammed my hard cock into Samantha from behind with a force that nearly knocked the table over.

Sam let out a gasp of pleasure. She was no virgin but do to lack of sex felt like one. God her pussy was soooo tight on me. Hands on her hips i started going all the way in and all the way out. I call it breaking the door down as when i fuck this way her pussy lips open and close fully with every thrust. How does that feel i ask her as she is wimpering like a puppy. I begin to fuck her harder and harder. Sam is literally screaming. My wife is moaning as well rapidly running the batteries down on her toy. Sometimes using her hand in her pussy as she sucks the vibrator watching me fuck her friend my wife seems euphorically out of it. Fuck her legs and the vinyl kitchen chair seat is soaked with her juices. Sam backs into me pounding nearly pulling the kitchen table with her as she explodes. I swear she is going to lift the kitchen table clean off the floor. I’ve never seen a woman orgasm so violently.

I loved every minute of it.Removing myself i told my wife to give me a condom and untie her wrists… I hadn’t used one to this point so Sam kinda wondered what i needed a condom for now and asked why.. i told her Samantha you trust me don’t you? She said,” yes”.. I’m going to take your virginity i say to her. What do you mean, she asks? I’m going to fuck that cherry asshole of yours while you eat my wifes pussy. Samantha’s jaw dropped as she readied herself for me..I put the condom on my raging, aching throbbing , wanting to cum cock…

Very slowly and well lubed i pressed my hard cock against Sam’s rear opening. I said to her, ” Sam, take all of me in your ass”, but do it slowly. Amazingly with slow steady pressure Samantha backed all that i had inside her and started fucking me ever so slow and deliberately. My god i was having so much trouble holding back from cumming. As i reached around and played with Samantha’s clit while she eating pussy like a pro drove my wife to another orgasm.

Thankfully she was sitting down or she would of collapsed.I told Samantha that since she tasted my precum i wanted her to taste my juicy hot load and let her feel it run down her throat. Thrusting and pumping to the point of no return i withdrew from Sam’s ass leaving it gaping open. Sam took the condom off my hard manhood and consumed as much of my large girth cock in her mouth as she could. I lost control as my body flailed. I pumped all that i had into Samantha’s mouth which she devoured. In fact she cleaned me up so well you almost couldn’t tell i came at all.

She continued to suck on my meat for awhile enjoying the feel of it in her mouth.This was just the beginning of a friendship more deeply developed then any of us ever imagined. Walking to the bedroom we laid down with one woman one each side of me. Cuddling and softy kissing each other we all drifted off into a peaceful sleep.I for so long, longed for a lover so open and unselfish as my wife that she would bring a lonely friend home so we could love and share in sexual pleasures together.


5 Responses to “She wanted me to satisfy her friend”

  1. i luved the story and only wish i could be that intimate with a friend and her husband. i want to be that close with someone.

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