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We met at the coffee shop for the first time. Our local Starbuck’s simply has the greatest coffee. We’ve chatted many times before our meeting so in reality we actually knew each other very well.  As we sat there looking into each others eyes i said to her, ” May I be straight forward with you?”. She said, ” if this relationship is to work then that’s the only way i would expect you to be.

Sliding closer to her in the booth while putting my hand on her thigh in a gentle rub i began to describe my wants of her. I was thinking we could head out to the lake one day, lay down a soft blanket, crack a bottle of wine open and how about you just let me do what i want to do to your body? She said, “continue on please as she placed her hand on my thigh seemingly inching it towards my now rapidly hardening manhood.

I would first start by kissing you until all our clothes fell off and then I would  lay you down on your stomach under a shade tree beside the lake.  The day would be full of sun. Let’s start by letting me give you a relaxing massage. To begin the massage I would start with my kisses traveling from your ankles as my tongue dragged up your calves, tongue tickling your inner thighs as my tongue slid up the crack of your ass glancing off your asshole you squirmed into my face.

Now her hand was rubbing my cock. I’m not sure if she even knew she was doing it because she was so engrossed in me telling her what I wanted to do with her. By now my cock was hard enough to cut diamonds I swear !  After I gave her that sample of a gentle rimming I would straddle you. You would feel my hardness resting on your ass as my hands and tongue worked there way from the middle of your back all the way to your shoulders then to your neck.

As my hardness pressed against your back side and my hands massaged your shoulders, I would kiss/suck on your neck and earlobes from behind. I knew already how good she tasted by the taste of her sweet skin on the tip of my tongue. Amazingly she had unzipped my pants under the table and was stroking my rock hard shaft. Her hands were shaking and now so was I.

Looking at the clock I realized I needed to get back to work for an important meeting. I asked her then, ” Would you like to continue this later”, She said, “How about we continue it right now?”. In a flirting tone I said to her, ” Just like the first orgasm I’m going to give you, I’m going to prolong that for a very long time as well.

I kissed her on the side of her mouth sensual embrace and in parting and said, “See you later on this evening babe”. I could only imagine where her mind was from that point.


Sometimes you just know.

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I was just sitting here thinking about something so sexy to write and I realized there are several lovers or friends that want me in their beds. It’s not lust driven in fact it’s love or bond driven. A natural feeling of what just seems right because, it is right. They know in there hearts that I am the lover of their dreams and they of mine. It’s not about arrogance its just about truth and the way things honestly are.

The hurdle is a man made law called marriage. It’s not of the natural order of things. It’s a piece of paper in a sense of commitment to one another alone as friends and lovers. Another truth its unfeasible to believe that in a life time each of us have only one lover be it faithfully married or not. Do you bind yourself to a lie that you honestly don’t want to fuck anybody but your spouse? Do you not have feelings or desires for others to include love and desire to please sexually and be pleased sexually by them? Of course you do.

It’s not just fantasy its real. It’s being alive, It’s loving freely. Sure I have a  couple lovers, soul mate’s or friends if you will. They admit to it as well yet haven’t given in to there desires for one reason or another all the while knowing that I could give them sexual pleasures they only can dream of. I think true lovers would have several orgasms every single day of their lives when together.

Nothing turns me on more then a woman screaming, “Oh god I’m cumming”. The thought of giving a woman an orgasm just makes me hard. I just have an unselfish desire to please a lover. I want them to still feel fucked even when I’ve removed my cock from deep inside there pussy as we cuddle.  Yeah an all day fuck session in bed. When was your last time?

My heart is open and true I know who I love and who love me. I know they want to make love to me even without words yet they refuse to act on the truth in their hearts. I only wish they could handle the truth in knowing the lover they want is wanted by more then themselves in a way I’m  sure they are desired by others. In a perfect world we would all have several lovers and life partners. Regretfully our world isn’t perfect like that.  Another truth? I wouldn’t fuck the legs off any lady that I didn’t love first and foremost. So here i stand naked before you.

Take what you know is yours.

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I always wondered why she never came right out and said to me. Babe I wish you  would fuck me. How hard is that to say to me? I wouldn’t be set back , offended by what I already knew was the truth. Well one day we were talking just about novel things. The energy between us has always been electrifying . We spoke each others words. We felt each others heart beats when it really came down to the truth
So I asked her, ” Honey do you ever think about making love to me”? With kind of a shocking  look in her smile she whimpered, ” Well  you know I’m happily married and I said ” So am I but, what’s that got to do with our love of each other? Absolutely nothing was the truth. I then said.” Right now I want to fuck you. Every single time I see you I dream about giving you orgasm after orgasm for the sole reason that I just want to spread the love I have for you through your entire body.

I then leaned over and kissed her and her body began to tremble. It was partly do to her crying desire to have me sexually and some fear of doing what she thought she never would and that was give into her hearts desire. We now needed to find a private place. We left the coffee shop we were at in my Jeep.

As we were driving down the road sitting close, she got enough confidence to reach over between my legs and with a big grin on her face notices my huge hardness that had erupted underneath my jeans. Seeing the sign to a hotel I only hoped I could get her in bed before the excitement overwhelmed me. Truth be told we never made it to the room. We wanted each other this very moment.

Pulling into the parking garage we noticed a closet door marked LAUNDRY on the sign. This would have to do. We entered and as she was locking the door I had her pants around her ankles and my tongue was diving for her hot soaked pussy. Let it be known that my pleasure is sex is not in receiving but in giving..

There was a huge laundry basket marked clean and we dove into the pile of fresh linens. My face buried deeply between her legs she was now screaming in her own  language. No real worlds were being spoken. It was more mumbles, moans and whines of pleasure. My tongue danced on her clit as both hands softly massaged her inner thighs.

God she tasted just as I dreamed she would. Sweet , clean and simply delicious. As my tongue lashed at her clit I thrusted it as deep inside her as I could go with a wanton passion to make her explode this very moment. She tried to hold out but simply couldn’t take it anymore. Her back arched and feeling like she was going to tear my head from my shoulders she exploded into my mouth. Jumping to my knees I thrusted my cock deep inside her as I wanted to get every last drop of her orgasm in any way I could.

After she was near limp with smiles of great pleasure I told her,” Now you must let me fuck you senseless”. She wasn’t much for words at this point. In fact all I could hear was heavy breaths . Both our bodies were drenched in sweat. Lifting her up I told her that I wanted to fuck her doggie style. I told her to grab the rails of this laundry cart and to hold on as firmly as she could.

Bending over exposing her ass to me I knelt down to give her a surprise rim job. Just something short and unexpected I could taste her pussy as I slid my tongue around her asshole which I probed.  Fingering her as I rimmed her  I pushed her to the point of orgasm. Her knees were shaking again. I stood up grabbed my thick aching cock in my hand and lunged toward into her.

Entering slowly I placed my hands on her hips. With very slow rhythmic strokes at first I wanted her to feel the entire length of me. I wanted her to feel the head of my cock slide in and out of her, I wanted her to feel what it was like having a big hard cock buried in her pussy for the first time., Oh I’m no John Holmes but, I knew once I fucked her she would have that I’m fucked feeling for awhile after.

Leaning forward kissing the middle of her back, then neck, then sucking on her ear lobe as I fondled those rock hard nipples I whispered, “Ok babe I’m going do you right”. With a few full strokes I picked the pace up and started working her pussy over with my cock while doing a reach around playing with her clit with a free hand.

You can only imagine the wet slappy sounds of a big cock massaging a by now quite worn pussy. God she felt good wrapped around my cock. I paced my cunt fucking around her breaths and sounds. I would fuck very hard and deep until I felt her knees about to buckle then let up  to pull her away from cumming temporarily.  Her knees were trembling so bad in fact her body was that I decided to grab some of those clean linens and pile them on the floor.

I laid her down on her back , sucked on those nipples for a short while before lifting her ankles to my shoulders. It was our first time and I wanted to see into her soul once again when I made her cum. Buried to the hilt with every stoke I was heading for pay dirt. I was long stroking her and I put my thumb on her clit and started working it. At that moment in deep labored breaths I said, ” Cum for me god damn it!”

She came explosively once again but I wasn’t’ finished.. Continuing to push her past this orgasm I said to her. ” I want more and I won’t cum until you cum for me one more time. In  a crying voice of ecstasy she said.” I can’t”, which made me fuck deeper and harder. I’ll be god damned I said to myself as I fucked her like an animal.

Looking down at her now swollen pussy she went silent and with her eyes closed began to enter that state of pleasure state I had her in twice already. Persistent and driven I  fucked the living daylights out of her and as her back arched she cried out, ” Oh baby I’m cumming again”. After holding back SO long I couldn’t any longer. I trust into her deep and hard and my volcano erupted. Cum spewn from me in a pleasure wave I’ve only dreamed of.

Known for having a large load it gushed out of her pussy with every thrust. I continued until I had nothing left to squirt. She then said”, I want to taste you”.  Kneeling across her chest she took my now swollen head in her mouth cleaning the last of me up. We both would never be the same. How could we be with what we just experienced here today. Like a crack addict looking for a  new high , we both knew we would have to satisfy our desires whenever we got the chance.

This wasn’t about infidelity, or a quick thrill it was about love. Love between friends and love between lovers. Only those that truly understood love could understand us. We kissed and snuggled before realizing that we had to leave and get back to our families. Were we better people after today? Of course we are. Being honest and true to ones self is the greatest gift we can give to yourself not to mention our loved ones.


Her First Orgasm

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Truth be told we had met quite some time ago. We were just friends in the beginning but our likes and dislikes over time slowly built a bond of not only friendship but one of love. She had not been with many men in fact she told me as we shared some drinks together that she had never had an orgasm in her life other then ones she gave to herself.

We were also both involved with other people but her partner just simply couldn’t get the job done sexually.  It didn’t make him a bad person but it surely left her with a burning desire to experience the moment of ecstasy I was about to show her. Should we be doing this? NO but going on gut feeling which I always did we both decided we wanted it and that it was in the moment the right thing to do

After we got a decent drinking buzz going on I asked her if she was ready to leave. I also asked her up front if it was ok that we be fuck buddies for today. Feeling her ravenous hunger I could of easily put her on the tailgate of my pick up and fucked her legs off but, I wanted her to want my cock inside her steamy pussy even more. Yes I could smell her sent of want.

We both got in my truck and headed down the road in anticipation. As I was driving I said to her, ” Come over and take my cock out of my pants and suck it,” She unzipped my pants and took my now hardening cock in her mouth. It was obvious to me that she wasn’t very experienced giving a blow job but, I  didn’t say nothing knowing her anticipation to cum all over my cock was mind blowing.

After several miles of driving with her slobbering all over my now hard cock, I decided to treat her right. Pulling down a country lane , I took her back to and old workshop/shed if you will in the back part of my farm house.. We went inside and I started a fire in the wood stove. This was a place I came to be alone and relax most times while my girlfriend did her own things.

I asked my soon to be lover to set down on a workbench table that I threw a flannel blanket on top of. I said from this point on you just relax and let me do the rest. She smiled and said OK. I kissed her very passionately as I laid her down while pulling her pants and panties off her. I let her keep her top of because for today I was going to give her pussy all the attention I could and really work it over.

Pulling a chair up to the table I sat down resting her legs on my shoulders. Working my tongue slowly and intently sucking her clit with great intensity I pushed her to the edge of orgasm several times and back. Forgive me but I have a great obsession for prolonging orgasms for as long as both partners can take. Her pussy soaking, aching , throbbing with want filled lust I stood up.

I grabbed my cock and while she was smiling at me said. I’ve never had one that big inside of me with slight hesitation. I assured her I knew what I was doing. I very slowly pushed the swollen head of my cock in her now spread legs. I then slowly slide myself all the way in and told her to squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles. I felt her tighten around my shaft. Looking at her face there was a slight wince of pain but I felt her hot throbbing pussy relax and begin to welcome me,,

I began to fuck her very slowly with deep, long and strong strokes until I felt that pussy open up for me. Now soaked those moans of discomfort she was feeling turned to moans of pleasure as my cock stretched that tight pussy in a way only I could. Leaning forward to kiss her I took both hands and held them above her head. It was then that I kissed her very deeply and asked her if she was ready. She in deep labored breaths said, YES!

As my eyes closed I began to start fucking hard and deep. She beckoned me harder and deeper as it seemed I was moving that workshop table across the room. Both of us writhing in moans of pleasure I restrained. I could tell she was close to orgasm by how much she was moaning and trembling . It was at that point I would slow.

Placing my hands on her hips while wrapping her legs around me I started pounding that pussy. I had made her wait long enough and now I was going to push her over the edge. All of a sudden she shouted, “Oh God I’m Cumming”, which made me pound faster. Harder and deeper I drove myself into her as she exploded. I’ve never in my life heard a woman scream with pleasure like she did which drove me insane.

With her being cum spent I continued to pound that pussy wanting more. Her body shaking and trembling, Her face in tears of joy i  fucked her more.. I wasn’t fucking satisfied yet and within a few moments she actually started crying and said OMG I’m cumming  again. Hearing that was about all I could stand. Plunging into her at the moment she came I exploded.

My legs nearly collapsed under me as my hot load of cum flowed from my large swollen manhood between my legs. Leaning forward, she in an exhausted tone said . Your the best fuck I ever had. We both knew this probably wouldn’t be the last trip to the woodshed but for now I was content that I just fucked this young lady out of her mind giving her, her first cock orgasm. We put our clothes on and went on our way . By the look in her eyes i wasn’t sure if she might be moving into this workshed ;)..

I love too…………

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Stare into a lover’s eyes as i hold her on the brink of orgasm with every thrust of my cock. Never to fast, never to slow just holding her in somewhat an orgasmic trance in which eventually i will push her over the edge when the time is right as we both cum explosively together.

The new boss woman

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I had just arrived at work early in the morning and was standing in my work area alone. Low and behold the new are supervisor walked up and let it be know I’ve been checking her out ever since she started working here two weeks ago. As she walked up I said to her, ” Hey you, how do you feel about fooling around this morning as a joke”? She replied, ” I heard they have a couple nice bathrooms in the back  then winked at me. Thinking nothing of it other then a simple flirt she left. It wasn’t more then 20 minutes later she came back into my area that was occupied by three employees and said that she needed me for awhile.

You know me naive and all to some extent I figured it was a job she needed done. Oh it was a job indeed just of a different sort. As we walked down an isle in the plant she looked around then copped a feel of my crotch which seem to instantly rise to the occasion. I knew then the work I was about to be assigned was going to be pleasurable.

As we arrived at the back of the plant she took me inside the ladies restroom. Before I could say a single word or mumble much of anything she had my pants around my ankles and my cock buried deep in her mouth. Fuck is this a dream I asked myself all the while knowing it to be real here and now.

It was only a few short moments and I was hard as a rock. I was kind of at her mercy to be honest so I just let the boss lead the way. After she had me nice and hard to her liking, she led me to a toilet and put the seat down. She never even kissed me. All she did was tear her pants off and of course she had no panties under her jeans.

She reached between her legs, grabbed my aching cock and consumed me all in the sitting doggie position.. God this little debutante was soaking wet.  As soon as she felt comfortable with my more then abundant manhood inside her she started pounding on me.  This woman was fairly athletic so stamina wasn’t going to be an issue. Within a couple minutes my cock must of suited her just fine then, she screamed out I’m cumming and exploded all over me.

I wondered if she in fact alerted people outside that we were fucking inside . As soon as she came she told me to stand up, and fuck her doggie but that she wanted me to really fuck her hard. I always wonder why sometimes woman want what I call a brutal hard fuck. I guess they want to feel fucked for awhile after the sex concluded.

I told her to go over to the handicap toilet and grab on to the side rail. I entered her from behind with both hands on her hips. Thrusting hard and deep just like she asked for I could feel her legs begin to shake. That’s a side effect of taking care of that pussy I thought to myself. Within a few moments of my cunt thrashing I heard her cry out and cum  a second time.

It was at that time I got a little selfish and said you make me cum you little bitch. Turning around she jumped up on me and wrapped her legs around me as I guided my hard on inside her. With her arms around my neck and tongue in my mouth she started grinding and bouncing on me, I was now at her mercy  as she hugged me tighter and that sweet pussy was just gripping tighter on my cock longing for my cream to explode inside her.

We both let out some grunts and groans and it was all I could take. We exploded together and as our juices joined cum and lots of it began to flow out of her soaked pussy down my legs. Without a word she kissed me and said, “We should get back to work don’t you think”? Smiling I said, ” Yes we should”.

With thoughts of wonder I walked back to my work area thinking about when I might get called by her to work somewhere else again one day soon.

Sexgiving Day

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Alot of people see this day of feast and gluttony only as a day of family, love and togetherness. I on the other hand see it as a day that two lovers can simply be thankful for one another. As the day began it was me that was doing the cooking duties and I had big plans for her. One of those plans of course was to get her ready for my prepared meal with a good hard pre-meal orgasm.

I had pretty much had dinner prepared and everything was in keep warm mode. I made a turkey, glamorously stuffed baked potatoes as well as a nice cheese and veggie platter with her favorite wine chilled. I hadn’t seen her since yesterday but, as she arrived at my door I greeted her with one of those nice wet, sloppy tongue kisses that drove her wild.

She blurted out, ” Why don’t you fuck me right now you little slutty of a whore man”, What could I do other then let my jaw hit the floor. Hell I was already fucking hard after the kiss she gave me. I pushed her against the wall, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down below her knees.

With great passion I kissed her thighs slowly working my way to her steamy hot love box. Sliding a finger inside her I focused my hot tongue on that bump of a swelling clit she had. I worked magic on it with my tongue and I finger fucked her slower then eventually faster. She placed both hands on my head and was intently face fucking me. God how she loved how I ate her pussy.

Knees shaking and buckling she let said OMG , Oh my fucking god as she nearly tore my hair from its roots. She came with great explosiveness all over my tongue. My cock was so hard from excitement at this point I swear it could be used to cut diamonds. Aching to cum so badly myself I knew I must refrain if but for a little while.

As I stood up I removed what clothes I was wearing and the rest of hers. Telling her to lay down on the carpet I grabbed a pillow from the couch. I knew in order to fuck her just how she liked it would have to be doggie style. I put the pillow aside for now.  I rammed all that I had inside her as she rode me on all fours forcefully.

Today must of been one of those fuck me very hard days by the way she was banging herself into my cock. I knew what she was up to. She wanted my hot load inside her but I resisted. God her pussy was sooooooooo good. The smell of her pussy as well as her natural body odor drove me insane.  It was so sweet with a hint of sexual musk.

I had had enough of her fucking me because, I was the one that was supposed to be doing the fucking here. I slid that pillow in front of her, closed her legs and forced her to her belly. At this point she was helpless. All she could do was take the pussy pounding I was about to give her.

Placing my hands on the floor with her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock I started pounding that pussy. As hard as I was fucking her I was surely to get rug burns but I couldn’t stop myself. Her moans of pleasure were maddening to me. In there own language they said, “make me cum till I pass out”,

As I fucked harder and faster, harder and faster she cried out,” fucking cum for me, cum for me god damn it. At that point she tightened her pussy muscles and I passed the point of no return as she milked my shaft. I exploded inside her . Cum gushed from me and filled that tight pussy really fast then oozed out around her pussy lips and my shaft.

I kept fucking her until my spent manhood began to go flaccid several minutes later. Her pussy was so lose and wet now I could fuck it with a semi hard on which I did for a couple minutes more.. I helped her to her feet and walked her to the couch. Wait here baby I said, ” I’m going to go get your food”.

As I was going to the kitchen I reached for a soft blanket and pillow an handed it to her and she snuggled on the couch awaiting me. I was damn hungry now and temporarily spent sexually It was a wonderful day for eating and fucking which we would do into the afternoon and all through the night most likely. We loved each other and loved fucking each other even more. Happy Sex I mean Thanksgiving day.